In the Fall of 2015, POW! WOW! Worlwide held a tour throughout Asia that consisted of stops in Japan and Taiwan. In Tokyo we artists including Case, Fafi, Ben Horton, Kevin Ancell, Kami, Sasu, Usugrow, Kinsey, Mark Dean Veca and many more to show their work to the masses. With dozens of murals painted along the walls of the Tennozu area, crowds poured through to admire the work, marking the event as a resounding success and cementing the showing in the Asian market.

In support of POW! WOW!, the PWSoM is looking for talented musicians, between the ages of twelve and eighteen to join us in Japan in October 2016. The goal of the program is to provide an immersive learning experience in music, which includes workshops, roundtable discussions, live performances and more. The PWSoM is dedicated to enriching the lives of aspiring musicians through mentorship, community involvement, and providing a creative, comfortable, safe space for artistic expression.