Flexfit is one of the world's largest vendors of custom, private label headwear as it manufactures hats for some of the most reputable brands in the sports, streetwear, action sports, golf and outdoor markets, while also offering a wide selection of wholesale blank caps. Nearly two decades ago, the original Flexfit hat was engineered; it was a watershed moment. Today, Flexfit offers products, which reflect the same creative spirit and unbending commitment to quality: introducing models including; 110 Adjustable, 210 Fitted, The Classics, and of course, the original Flexfit. The brand continues to cradle an unbridled passion to raise headwear standards and to change the world, one hat at a time. Flexfit makes hats, it's the only game they know.



Now in its 87th year of consecutive service, Hawaiian Airlines is Hawai'i's biggest and longest-serving airline, as well as the largest provider of passenger air service from its primary visitor markets on the U.S. mainland. Hawaiian offers non-stop service to Hawai'i from more U.S. gateway cities (11) than any other airline, along with service from American Samoa, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Tahiti. Hawaiian Airlines celebrates its 85th anniversary and unveils a memorial wall at Kahului Airport honoring Capt. James Bertram Hogg, the pilot whose name was used for the airport's three-letter code (OGG). The airline also launches statewide community service projects held on O'ahu, Maui, Kaua'i and Hawai'i the Big Island.



JetBlue Airways Corporation, Stylized As JetBlue, Is An American Airline And The 5th Largest Airline In The United States. The Company Is Headquartered In The Long Island City Neighborhood Of The New York City Borough Of Queens, With Its Main Base At John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Airline Mainly Serves Destinations In The United States, Along With Flights To The The Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, Colombia, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad And Tobago, And Many More. As Of March 2016 JetBlue Serves 97 Destinations In The U.S., Mexico, The Caribbean, Central And South America. As Of 2016, The Airline Is One Of Two In The United States With A Four-Star Rating From Skytrax, Along With Competing Airline Virgin America.



InterTrend Communications is an award-winning full-service communication agency based in Long Beach, California, helping corporate America target Asian American nationwide. For over 20 years, we have been successfully helping Fortune 1000 clients nurture and establish brand leadership positions in this emerging market through an integrated mix of advertising, public relations, promotions, events, and interactive strategies via various culturally relevant marketing programs. We have decades of experience launching successful multicultural communications campaigns in a multitude of industries such as: automotive, telecommunications, entertainment, insurance, education, healthcare, travel, financial services, and consumer goods.



Imprint Venture Lab is a seed stage incubator which finds, funds, and stewards creative start-ups with the goal of creating iconic brands. Our goal is not IPO or overnight success, but a profound partnership to ultimately build something exceptional. Imprint is launching its third venture fund and actively looking for new founders to partner with. Imprint Culture Lab uses these pinpoint moments to inspire movement. Through a series of global culture conferences and interactive workshops, Imprint Culture Lab built a wide nexus of thinkers, doers, makers of thing, poised to initiate cultural vectors.  ICL is connecting the cultural dots between segment, market and industry. In doing so we initiate an infinite dialogue with you. In ten years, our events have brought together a diverse gallery of industry darlings and blue chip heroes, to speak to an audience of next generation stars. Since its beginnings, Imprint Culture Lab has striven to get a leg up on conversations which become collaborations; the ideas which become brands.



Basecamp is a boundless platform offering creative talents the ability to showcase their works, expressions, and lifestyles in all mediums. Imagination and creativity are the driving force behind value creation and are fundamental elements to the betterment of mankind



Staple Design is a visual communications agency founded in 1997 and based in New York City. It is comprised of three main divisions: a clothing collection, a creative agency and a retail store. Staple's clothing collection division is globally distributed, full lifestyle menswear collection which mixes street-minded sensibilities with mature sophisticated nods to high-end fashion. Staple's design studio is a creative consulting firm which has worked with many entities including Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Lotus, Timberland, New Balance, LVMH and other world famous brands. Staple Design also owns and operates Reed Space in the Lower East Side of New York City and is often regarded as one of the world’s most innovative boutiques because in addition to providing unique and high-end fashion, it also features an art gallery rich in highly celebrated artists. Staple Design has worked in conjunction with many household companies to create unique products which showcase the qualities of both parties involved. In 1999, Staple Design began its ongoing relationship with Nike, working on the then novel concept of limited-edition shoes which naturally transitioned into graphic design work for Nike.



Knockaround was founded in 2005 by Adam “Ace” Moyer, during his time as a graduate art student at University of California, San Diego. Merging the classic East Coast prep style of his Virginia upbringing, his interest in design and fashion, and a newfound love for the perpetually sunny, laid-back lifestyle of Southern California, Ace created a company centered around a sunglasses line while simultaneously practical and stylish. The ensuing years brought exciting developments and growth, and this basic sunglasses line expanded to include new models, a huge variety of color choices, and other accessories, such as belts and duffel bags. For collectors and unique eyewear connoisseurs, the ongoing Limited Edition sunglasses series offers a chance to own Knockarounds produced in small quantities, with rare colorways, special detailing and packaging, and themed companion objects.



James Haunt is the creative fusion of founder James Gillette and his alter ego Haunt. Gillette has always drawn inspiration from his surroundings. Raised in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, James developed a passion for art and creativity as a way to escape the sometimes difficult circumstances of a rebellious youth. Gillette embodies the collective elements of a free spirited individual with a strong will to succeed. While undertaking some formal training in digital design, the majority of James’ work stems from natural ability, strong motivation to thrive and self-taught techniques. These strong characteristics developed his unique and sought after design style, large-scale mural work, and original clothing pieces.



Born in New York City, DJ Neil Armstrong turned his love of music and hip hop culture into a career which allowed him to play music for the masses all over the world — from small venues to large scale music festivals. Neil initially gained notoriety for his mixtape projects, which showcased his DJ skills as well as his vast eclectic knowledge of music. These highly regarded mixtapes generated considerable press – most notably in Rolling Stone, Vibe,MTV.com, Theme, URB and Complex – and they often became the soundtrack of choice for many in the streetwear, fashion, and music industries .The growing audience lead him to work with brands such as adidas, Undefeated and Fruition, which in turn led to working with large scale related industry entities like the NBA, BMW, and VH1 to name a few.



Lana Lane Studios is a functioning artist collective seeking to inspire and maintain the vitality of creativity. Our diverse roster of artists, spanning genres and mediums, combined with the cooperative nature of the studio space offers unique opportunities for collaboration, education, and creative services in-house. The network of creatives span various mediums and disciplines including Designers, Fine Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Sound Engineers, and Educational Coordinators; providing a multitude of skill-sets helping to bring creative projections to fruition.



Good Posture represents an elevated form of thought and living, it's an altered state of consciousness. For admiring diligence, authenticity, and integrity found among myriad creative mediums. It marks the difference between an individual's ability to advance their reveries without sacrificing the innate vision. In 2015 Theophilus Martins founded Good Posture, a media venture that encompassing entertainment, music, fashion, and art. As a multimedia creative collective and record label, the company serves as an umbrella for all of Martins’ endeavors. The Good Posture debut Capsule Collection was hosted on behalf of DOPE and included an inaugural ceremony for the first ever look at the brand. Martin's first capsule collection "Finchley Road" featured an array of tee's, a custom sewn wool coat, combat inspired pilot jacket's, and corduroy fitted caps.



Reed Space opened its doors in 2003 in the historic Lower East Side district of New York City and in 2006, Reed Space Japan opened in Tokyo. In 2007 Reed Annex opened alongside Reed Space as a sister location reserved for special events, pop-up stores, and sample sales. Reed Space is often regarded as one of the world's most innovative stores because of its pioneering concept of "lifestyle boutique". In 2013, Reed Space launched the Reeding Annex educational series; each session features an expert selected from a creative industry including music, poetry, law, art, technology, and design. Each expert shares their knowledge, experience, and creative insight with an intimate group of curious individuals. The Reeding Annex aims to give back to the community by giving people of all ages the opportunity to learn something new  and inspiring.  



Since it opened in August of 2010, Kress Market has filled what used to be a missing part of Downtown Long Beach's food scene: an organic, gourmet grocer offering a healthier, more local alternative for the community. Upon opening, they knew of several things: it was a down economy, the city and area had its challenges… but ultimately, it was the chance for them to fulfill their dream of owning and operating a place for food, a place which connects everyone. Come five years later, the grocer is still alive and well. Kress has been a leader in a lot of ways, shaping Downtown Long Beach's beer scene by carrying brands like Ballast Point and Lagunitas long before it was popular and becoming a tastemaker by offering everything from organic quinoa to raw sunflower seeds.



Kaleikini Productions provides live entertainment, audio + lighting equipment, and sound engineers for their clientele. Ming Pur Records, a subsidiary to Kaleikini Productions, provides In-studio services. In-studio services include Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Songwriting and Arranging, Artist Marketing & Branding, Music Publishing, Music Education, and Graphic Design. Kaleikini Productions firmly believes music is a powerful force capable enough to unite all people regardless of one's dispositions. Additionally, the brand envisions music as the source of global peace and unity.



Native exists to enlighten feet everywhere by creating future classics. Inspired by the past and informed by the future, Native are the shoes for today. Every Native shoe is built on some very specific ingredients, and it’s important for you to understand what goes into the secret sauce. It’s the trifecta of classic footwear, future technology, and a heavy dose of lite-ness. When these ingredients are combined, a magical reaction occurs, and from the smoke a future classic will emerge – a Native shoe is revealed