Complex Media is a New York-based media platform for youth culture originally founded as a bi-monthly magazine by fashion designer Marc Ecko. Complex reports on trends in style, pop culture, music, sports and sneakers with a focus on niche cultures such as streetwear, sneaker culture, hip-hop, and graphic art. Complex currently reaches over 120 million unique users per month across its owned and operated sites, socials and YouTube channels. Complex has won numerous accolades, including several from Business Insider such as Most Valuable Startups in New York, Most Valuable Private Companies in the World, as well as the Silicon Alley 100 for Complex CEO Rich Antoniello. In 2012, the company launched Complex TV, an award winning online broadcasting platform which found great success with original shows, such as Complex News, First Look music videos, Fashion Bros and Sneaker Shopping.



Monster Children Magazine is flourishing like a vast field of radiant tulips wavering in a spring breeze, bursting up into the heavens. Was that a little dramatic? Probably, but the truth is Monster Children is blowing up because it’s more than just a magazine: it’s an aesthetic, a lifestyle; a vision shared by creative forward-thinkers who believe fun is, above all, the most important thing in life. And now we’ve taken this awesome code of being and built a creative agency on it. MC Creative was conceived in 2010, when Monster Children Magazine recognized, with over a decade of producing one of the world’s preeminent youth publications, it was better qualified to transmit ideas to the kids than any of the larger, traditional ad agencies out there today.



With A Dedicated Team Focused On The Progression Of Fashion Through Visual Inspirations And The Provision Of Knowledge, HB's Devotion And Commitment Has Made It One Of The Premiere Online Destinations For Editorially Driven Commerce And News. Spanning A Comprehensive Range Of Both Styles And Brands, From Streetwear To High-End, And From Established To Well-Known, The HB Editorial Team Has Sought To Make A Positive Contribution To One Of Culture's Most Important Creative Mediums. The Brand's Editorial Is Further Enhanced Through Its Online Video Presence Dedicated To Creating Impactful Stories Through Their Own Stylized Vision, The Video Platform Provides A Further Dimension To Some Of The Most Interesting And Compelling Stories Within Fashion And Culture.



High Snobiety Is An Online Publication Covering Forthcoming Trends And News In Fashion, Art, Music, And Culture, All On One Platform Which Has Steadily Built A Strong Brand In The Online Fashion And Lifestyle World. Today The Blog And Print Magazine Sit Among The Most Visited Global Sources For Inspiration In The Areas Of Fashion, Sneakers, Music, Art And Lifestyle Culture. Innovation, Progression And Always Being Several Steps Ahead Of The Curve Are Just Some Of The Core Values Of High Snobiety.



Teamcozy is a vast community of creatives and photographers whose work and ability speaks for itself. Their core team alone has built a strong client base with many of the world's leading companies such as PUMA, Nike, adidas Originals, Asics, BMW, size? and Sony as well as leading publications include Highsnobiety, HYPEBEAST, TED Talks and Streetdreams Magazine. In a day and age where it seems every brand or company is striving to find new and fresh content, our team specializes in creating the content you are looking for. Teamcozy is a youth movement obsessed with creating visuals and staying cozy whilst we do it. Our community mindset is manifested through feeling comfortable with personal style. The cozy collective is underpinned through a group of key trend generating creatives which impact their local network. Today, teamcozy creates multi-platform content to promote a distinct climate throughout the industry's ecosystem.



Booooooom was launched in 2008 by Vancouver-based artist Jeff Hamada and it is Canada’s highest traffic art blog, and one of the largest on the Internet. Booooooom is an authoritative voice in the new contemporary arts scene, highlighting emerging talents, and launching the careers of many young artists internationally.