POW! WOW! SCHOOL OF MUSIC (PWSoM) is dedicated to enriching the lives of aspiring musicians through mentorship, community involvement, and providing a creative, comfortable, safe space for artistic expression. Its purpose is to offer an educational Platform granting young local musicians the opportunity to meet and connect with music professionals, but also exposure to unfamiliar musical territories effort to expand their horizons.



We are dedicated to enriching the lives of young musicians through mentorship, community involvement, and by providing a creative, comfortable and safe space for self-expression.


  • Expose young and seasoned artists to unfamiliar musical territories.

  • Harbor a sense of companionship amongst the participants, rather than competition.

  • Bridge art and music closer together, emphasizing the importance both mediums.

  • Develop platform to further Intertwine the PWSoM community.




 Hawaiian Airlines • Intertrend • Imprint Labs • Staple DesignCarrots by Anwar Carrots
  James Haunt • Lana Lane Studios Good Posture • Kress Market 
Kaleikini Productions
 DJ Neil Armstrong Team Cozy • Wolf & Man 


Our Brand Partnerships are organized as joint ventures between the PWSoM and participating brands to create marketing synergy. As a result, we associate a single product or service with more than one brand name, as opposed to only associating with the  principal producer. The co-branding agreement involves two or more companies cooperating and collaborating on various logos, color schemes, or brand identifiers of a specific product that is contractually designated for this purpose. The objective is to combine the strength of two brands to highlight the different perceived properties associated with these brands within a single product.