"The goals of POW! WOW! are threefold. First, it aims to bring creative professionals together through the spirit of art and music. Secondly, it serves to enrich neighborhoods by applying craft and color throughout the existing environment. Finally, it seeks to educate the youth about music and art, for they are the future. As a main component of our educational initiatives, the School of Music makes an undeniable impact on the youth of our communities." Jasper Wong, Founder & Director of POW! WOW! Worldwide


 PWSoM is dedicated to enriching the lives of aspiring musicians through mentorship, community involvement, and providing a creative, comfortable, safe-space for artistic expression. Its purpose is to offer an educational platform granting young local musicians the opportunity to meet and connect with music professionals, but also exposure to unfamiliar musical territories in effort to expand their horizons.

The multifaceted platform serves as a movement comprised of creative professionals whom facilitate public and private community partnerships as a catalyst for economic development. High-growth businesses, high-skilled creative professionals, and visitors tends to choose areas rich in civic and cultural amenities. As a result, the platform creates exciting citywide experiences on a global level; leaving behind permanent and beautiful murals on the cities housed within. The platform has become the perfect opportunity to engage with local talent and leave lasting marks on target regions. These regions may increase attraction and retention efforts for businesses and workforces by showcasing ground floor potential, momentum, and possibility. The organization's target audience is the creative class with no age restriction.





Within the PWSoM, naming rights are a financial transaction and form of advertising whereby a corporation or other entity purchases the right to name a facility or event, typically for a defined period of time.  For properties such as a multipurpose arena or performing arts venue, the defined term can range. The primary differentiator of naming rights is the enhanced customer retention, increase in market share, and added marketing property to promote products and services. These are several forms of corporate sponsored names; per example, a Presenting Sponsor attaches the name of the corporation or brand at the end (or, sometimes, beginning). Whereas a the Title Sponsor replaces the original name of the property with a corporate-sponsored one, with no reference to the previous names. 

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Our Brand Partnerships are organized as joint ventures between the PWSoM and participating brands to create marketing synergy. As a result, we associate a single product or service with more than one brand name, as opposed to only associating with the principle producer. The co-branding agreement involves two or more companies cooperating and collaborating on various logos, color schemes, or brand identifiers of a specific product that is contractually designated for this purpose. The objective is to combine the strength of two brands to highlight the different perceived properties associated with these brands within a single product.

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Our Media Partnerships are organized as joint ventures between the PWSoM and participating brands, broadcasters, publishers and producers to create original content including audio and visual programming across our various media platforms. Stakeholders in the project co-finance and share the exposure rights to that content and its intellectual property. 

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The wide range of projects under the POW! WOW! umbrella have proven to reach broader demographics, participating cities position themselves as a haven with infrastructure and the desire to engage influential communities. Since 2015, the festival has expanded outside of Honolulu to cities including Austin (Texas), Taipei (Taiwan), Long Beach (California), and Tokyo (Japan).  Within the next five years, PWSoM anticipates expansion to the following cities: 

Orange County • Vancouver • Washington, DC  • Singapore • Auckland • Kingston  • Shanghai • Hagåtña Berlin • Cape Town

The PWSoM is dedicated to enriching the lives of young musicians through mentorship, community involvement, and by providing a creative, comfortable and safe space for self-expression. Our goals are to expose young and seasoned artists to unfamiliar musical territories, harbor a sense of companionship amongst the participants, bridge art and music closer together, and further develop the educational platform intertwining students within the arts community.