PWSoM Japan 2016

Jiwoo Choi •  Yufan Xuchen • Jonas Armstrong • Hana Mensendiek• Remi Miller • Husandeep Singh • Insun Woo • Ja Yeon Shin • Jacqueline Sono


"Before PWSoM I had mostly only performed at school venues (talent shows and concerts). PWSoM helped to build my confidence in performing with others, and taking control of situations that may be difficult at times. Overall, it showed me the reality of the music industry. Although I knew most of the people in my group, I had never had the opportunity to work with them. The relationships and experiences I have gained from PWSoM is something I wouldn't trade for any other. I am looking forward to what PWSoM has to offer in 2017!"  - Jacqueline Sono / Kobe, Japan

PWSoM Long Beach 2016

Nevaeh Sanluis •  Jessica Sayno • Noah Lickhalter • Isaac Ramirez  • Billy Wilson • Samaj Warmsley


"I attended POW! WOW! School of Music Long Beach for the summer Of 2016. I had an awesome experience At POW! WOW! making new friends with other musicians with different skill levels. I was also able to perform at different venues in front of alot of people building my playing confidence outside of church. Looking forward to what the school has to offer for 2017 to gain more experience and meet other talented musicians from beginners to experts. Im really happy my drum teacher introduced me to this school." - Semaj Warmsley / Bellflower, CA


PWSoM Orange County 2016

Nevaeh Sanluis •  Selah Jeffers  • Christian Aloisio  • Isaac Ramirez  • Kenzy Franco


"Participating in the PWSoM further advanced my skills as a musician and songwriter. Prior to joining the program, I wasn't very confident in my songwriting abilities. Though, I've come to understand that this hurdle has been something I have always attempted to overcome. From the support of my fellow peers, I was able to develop a unique writing style aligned to me. For the first time I felt very comfortable writing music and more specifically, it was original. However, the most rewarding and memorable experience was being able to perform each song our class spent working on throughout the duration of the program. From this expereince, I realize how much I enjoy performing live music and even more so alongside my peers. The advice and insight I received from the mentors proved valuable and I am thankful for their assistance. I am also appreciative that I have met some fun and great people that turned out to be really great friends. I enjoyed my experience at PWSoM and can't wait for the opportunity to participate in the program and grow even more as an artist." - Selah Jeffers / Orange County, CA


Maia Mayeshiro • Alyssa Ford • Chloe Popa • Kaleb Fa'alafua • Tali Silva • Sam Gorham •
Bella Benzaken • Kai Johnson • Jess Sayno • Maka'ala Perry
 • Alto • Iliahi Robbs • Blaise Lee •
Dairen Hangenhoff •
Nadia Amian Sarah Daniels • Kai Currence


"The PWSoM not only polished my abilities as a musician, but also as a collaborator. I was immersed into an environment where the creative energy was constantly overflowing. I was also able to learn first hand through the guidance of the many accomplished guest musicians and mentors alike. The two week experience has definitely been an integral part of my musicianship." - Alto / Honolulu, HI

PWSoM, Hawaii 2015

Tali Silva • Sam Gorham • Jessica Sayno • Kai Rigney • Patrick Waters • Iliahi Robbs •
Dairen Hagenhoff • Josh Quibuyen • Rebecca Mehle • Chloe Popa • Dylan Wacksman • Josh Kay •
Ian Wacksman • Gino Romano • Nick Marabella • Jewel Yere • Nadia Amian • Mason Jenkins


"Being a part of the PWSoM for the last two years has made a dramatic impact on my life, not just musically but mentally too. I've come to understand the importance of meeting dedicated people who hold similar goals and values as myself. The program also taught me that even if the music industry is perceived as a race, it doesn't have to necessarily feel like one. Bottom line, it's not feasible to accomplish everything on your own; it's all about collaboration." - Josh Quinuyen / Honolulu, HI


PWSoM Japan 2015

Shioriy Bradshaw • Aoi Tanaka  • Klodio • Reatmo • Yayoi Daimon


"I've been fortunate to learn from the artists who participated at the PWSoM. I was actually a bit nervous when I joined the school because I didn't have much confidence with my voice. After interacting with other students directly in the program including other musicians as well as visual artists whom participated in the murals, I then realized I just needed to be myself and share what came from the inside. It was an empowering experience." - Aoi Tanaka / Toyko, Japan

PWSoM, Long Beach 2015

Kevin Millones • Tito Ruan • Kyle Ingad • Arturo Ensico • Isabelle Sayno • Jessica Sayno


"Participating in the PWSoM was especially helpful for my creative pursuit. On top of meeting artists and creative professionals, the platform gave me the opportunity to perform with other rising musicians who respect the craft and hustle as much as I do. It's essential to be surrounded by positive reinforcement regardless of one's goals, let alone within the field of music." - Arturo Ensico / Long Beach, CA

PWSoM Hawaii 2014

Jessica Sayno • Lani Felicitas • Jarren Amian • Janelle Yere • Mark Koga •
Yasmeen Currence • Antonio Damo • Patrick Waters • Tali Silva • Sam Gorham •
Kai Rigney • Kyle Nugent • Iliahi Robbs •  Dairen Hagenhoff •  Josh Quibuyen


"One word... audition. Not mater what you're thinking, just do it. You might be scared, nervous, or unsure of what the future holds, but just follow through because the act in itself can only impact the experience for the better. It's so much easier to leave your expectations at the door. It's also a healthy way to develop your creativity and meet other artists who you're probably going to end up learning from and growing with at the PWSoM." - Patrick Waters / Honolulu, HI

PWSoM Hawaii 2013

Isabelle Sayno • Jessica Sayno • Lani Felicitas • Jarren Amian • Janelle Yere •
Mark Koga • Yasmeen Currence • Kaiser Dahuya • Paris Gray • Kaitlyn Villaro


"My experience with the PWSoM was inspiring to say the least. I went to audition without knowing really what to expect. Once my application was accepted, I then realized how much of a great opportunity this platform truly is. I interacted with so many creatives throughout our time working on various projects. The collaborative environment allowed me to appreciate the process of songwriting amongst new faces. It was a refreshing and encouraging asset." - Paris Grey / Honolulu, HI